EXPOSED! NASA Whistleblower Revealing Truth

Published on 3 July 2023 at 14:13

Cynthia Holland, former NASA and Air Force employee, was interviewed recently by FlatEarthDave. There are other interviews I found where she spoke out back in 2017 (linked here: A and B). For the purpose of this article, I will be focusing on the most recent interview, which is embedded above.

Dave begins the interview asking questions regarding Cyndi's certifications and her training, then he asks "How did you come into flat earth? Because you weren't a flat earther when you worked at NASA." Cyndi states that he was correct, and begins to recall an experience she had while working in NASA back in 1998. She goes on to share that she overheard some of her coworkers from the photo lab laughing. "They couldn't believe the people believed in the fake moon-landing," she states, remembering the moment she was first exposed to the possibility of an inside lie.

Cyndi carries on with another memory, from when she was working at Lockheed Martin in 2007. "One of the guys I had worked with [...] told me the earth was flat," she recalls with inquisition in her tone.

 Dave, intrigued, asks "Was he a smart guy, talking about the flat earth?" Cynthia responds clarifying that this man was very educated in the aerospace background. But elaborates that she was not convinced. "I discarded it because [flat earth] was nonsense at the time," Cyndi says.

Fast forward 2 years, in 2009, Cynthia says it finally hits her, "I woke up to pretty much everything". She began researching and studying the evidence for the flat earth. "My life hasn't been the same since that moment".

Dave and Cynthia go on the discuss the basic day-to-day and work environment at NASA. Cynthia explains how everything is on a need-to-know basis. "They compartmentalize you. You have a specific need-to-know. [...] You're only allowed to speak about what you're allowed to speak about."

"I worked on something called a 'Black Project'," Cyndi informs Dave, "When you work on a black project, it doesn't exist." Dave responds with a question "Do you have any guilt associated with having worked there?" Cynthia expresses she feels shame for our government. "The people who work there are still good people, they don't know. But I'm ashamed at the people who are at the top-level who know this, and they don't have guilt. [...] What are they actually working on? We don't know."

The following question Dave asks, "What would you tell a non-flat earther, who is extremely skeptical?" Cyndi responds positively, "I would say definitely keep your skepticism. Because you have to be skeptical of everything. [...] But I would say, keep an open-mind at the same time, and just look into it; give it some time. [...] Just because it is so taboo, doesn't mean it's wrong."

I highly encourage you watch this interview for yourself. Cynthia has some excellent life experience to share with us.

Photo evidence of Cynthia's Professional Background:

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