Google Earth Senior Developer Disciplined for Globe Skepticism

Published on 15 June 2023 at 12:50

Back in 2017, there was an article floating around regarding Thomas Wilkinson and a tweet he posted. He was the Senior Developer for Google Earth at age 29. At the time, he had been working for Google for 7 years, managing a team of 10 engineers; overseeing tasks involving strategy and operations. His day-to-day required him to maintain the general functions of Google Earth software.


Thomas Wilkinson reportedly made a post on twitter questioning official theories and claims:

“Everything in this world is theory. From black holes to the roundness of the earth.”


He also apparently made another post denouncing modern science, Google, and NASA confirming his stance:

“As a lead Google developer for over seven years it is my responsibility to finally address our terrestrial landscape”


In a blog post he linked says:

“After years of diligent study and intent work I have concluded there is no way the world can be spherical. Given how our data at Google has never matched up to NASA’s data, and given how modern technology simply cannot measure the magnitude of such a planet, we can never really be guaranteed the earth is spherical. The truth is, this idea is so ingrained in our culture that no one questions it. Well, I’m questioning it.”


I have not found evidence of this tweet or post, but that neither proves nor disproves it's validity. And this supposed tweet and post didn't come without a price. Following his tweet and blog post Google was  reportedly suspended Wilkinson to settle this situation internally. However, according to his LinkedIn profile, Thomas is still working at Google. So he wasn't sacked, just reprimanded in some way.


There are some rumors that this man is dead. And they do have the technology to keep a person's social media presence alive after their death. However, these are merely rumors and nothing I am qualified to verify.

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