For centuries, the people in power have done all they can to gain control over the masses. Today's age is no different. Yet most humans go about their daily lives, none the wiser of their enslavement. If you're what is labeled as a "conspiracy theorist", then you know exactly what we mean.

However, the age of the internet has given us a position of great strength in this battle for our minds.

Here you will find our collection of evidence supporting a flat, non-rotating earth. In our opinion, this is the single most important "conspiracy" that needs to be exposed. In order to reclaim our true freedom, we must understand the nature of our home and our role in this created world.

The powers-that-be claim flat earth theory is unscientific; we challenge that belief with evidence.
We're excited that you have found this site filled with ancient wisdom.
Explore bravely, friends!

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