Flat Earth | Why Does it Matter?

Published on 9 June 2023 at 09:38

We have all become accustomed to a life of hardships, and yet every day we still find ourselves working, slaving, for the 'almighty dollar'. Across all continents, no matter the material, money is god. And it is clear to see that NASA agrees, with a multi-billion dollar budget from American pockets. What if I told you that this money is wasted; that NASA, and other space agencies, spend billions of humanity's dollars to simply show us cartoons? 


In order to fully prepare for the concept of a flat earth, you must first unlearn everything you think you know about space; space is fake. Now, some may struggle with this, myself included. However, NASA admittedly publishes composite images and CGI videos. They are very careful to not mention photos, they only show us images; images of an artist's representation. Of course, you can look up and see the stars and planets, but the pictures these space agencies create are nothing but pure imagination. You can tell for yourself if you look through a telescope, that these planets are not terra firma but simply lights in the sky. (Look more deeply here)


So space is fake, what does that mean? It means we have government agencies suckling cash from humanity's pockets, all for exploration of a swimming pool with that Hollywood touch. This is a hard truth to swallow, I understand. A big question asked is 'why the lie?', and for that there are numerous answers and opinions. But the truth is, you never ask a liar why they lied; that is a meaningless path for validation. You simply seek out the truth and disregard the liar.


So now, this is what we are called to do: compile your own evidence and make space agencies irrelevant. We desperately need to redirect this cash in-flow to more productive and beneficial areas, for humanity's sake. You have been called to duty; to aid in exposing the greatest lie in human history. This is why #FlatEarthMatters.





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